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Who we are

London Maritime Academy, a trade name for London Premier Group UK, provides a wide range of maritime training courses tailored to the global industry. Located in London and known for international standards, we offer diverse Classroom and Online courses taught by highly experienced experts in the maritime sector. 

Our courses, mainly in English, are also available in French, Spanish, and Arabic. With primary training locations in London and Dubai, we extend our educational services to key maritime cities like Rotterdam, Hamburg, Athens, Istanbul, and Singapore. 

Our global presence reflects our commitment to international maritime education and preparing students for careers in this dynamic sector.

Our goal

  • Providing maritime training, consulting, and organising conferences.
  • Collaborating with international maritime bodies such as the International Maritime Organisation, the International Labor Organisation, protection and indemnity clubs, the European Maritime Safety Agency, and the International Chamber of Shipping. This cooperation extends to offering aid and conducting international and regional maritime training courses.
  • Enhancing maritime training qualifications by training the trainers and developing comprehensive courses, aiming for self-sufficiency in maritime education.
  • Special emphasis on marine pollution training to safeguard the marine environment.
  • Educating maritime workers about regulations, laws, marine insurance, environmental protection, maritime safety, and international maritime conventions.


Our Services

What we do

We offer short training maritime courses (one week, two weeks or a month), and if there is an area of the maritime industry that needs to be developed, it will be covered in our comprehensive training plan including technical, legal, marine, ports, terminals, environment, finance, insurance and energy management. As courses for Flag state implementation regulations and Marine Accident Investigation, marine pollution, Port State Control, Maritime management, Ports Management, Container Terminal Management, as well as international maritime law, shipping law, charterparty, and bills of lading in addition to various specialisations covering work in the maritime industry.

London Maritime Academy offers accredited maritime training courses for those working in the maritime industry through a partnership with international maritime organisations and institutions to develop and provide professional training for this vital sector. We work on investment in valuable marine content and learning resources to improve your experience and ensure the maximum reward for the investment you make in your future. We continue to research for new topics and courses to improve educational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance your career potential, or expand your knowledge, as well as to support the maritime industry to be safer, cleaner and more efficient for decades to come.

We at London Maritime Academy believe in the role of maritime training and its value because of the role of maritime transport in international trade the natural resources that the seas contain and what activities are done in the sea that affect the environment, as well as The right in exploration, the right to pass, marine conflicts and other, and in response to the need to raise skills and spread knowledge in the maritime sector.

Our broad-scoped Classroom and online training courses involve professional development and innovative learning approaches that are appropriately organized to cope with the progressing training requisites of today’s professionals. London Maritime Academy is committed to ensuring that delegates receive the best development to maximize their potential and talent through impeccable programs. We are committed to delivering the best possible learning experience as the leading training provider by strengthening our continued working relationship with the world’s leading professionals governing, awarding, and certifying bodies.

If you’re looking for a more specific Training Course, please call us at +44 (0) 20 8090 0464 

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Our Locations

We provide local knowledge with global experience.

Professional Staff

At the London Maritime Academy, our dedicated experts are committed to delivering unparalleled expertise and insights garnered from the maritime industry, academia, and international organizations. We are passionately devoted to crafting cutting-edge training programs and seminars, aimed at fostering industry excellence. Our foremost objective is to cultivate an immersive and enriching learning atmosphere that optimizes the overall educational journey.

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