The Best Practices for Enhancing Maritime Safety in 2023

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Posted on Jun 11, 2023 at 05:06 PM

Maritime safety should be part of everyone's concerns, not just because marine safety represents 70% of our earth's environmental safety. But also because maritime safety directly impacts human safety and security.

Moreover, although maritime security and safety terms are used interchangeably, they are both responsible for international naval safety management.

However, maritime safety represents mariners, passengers, and environmental safety factors. In contrast, naval security evaluates vessels, cargo, waterways, and ships' international protection guidelines and notices.

But, the two terms are more like one senior public regulation rather than separate operations.

Today, we will share deep data about maritime safety, its importance, and primary international marine safety and shipping recommendations. Moreover, identify the top practices to improve your naval safety.


Numbers on Maritime International Life:

You may wonder why maritime safety and security are increasingly important internationally, and annually updated bulletins are announced to protect the marine shipping industry and its resources.

  • More than 90% of commercial transportation and shipping are based on the seas, and it is the safest transportation method for human health and the environment.

  • Around 800 ports in the world, and 50 of them are considered major international shipping ports.

  • The marine shipping industry is expected to develop a 12.52 billion USD market size shortly.

From these few mentioned numbers, maritime safety should be focused on protecting the working crew, the environment, and the marine billion-worth industry.


The Importance of Maritime Safety:

As we reviewed earlier, the international marine shipping industry plays a significant role in our lives, global trade, and the international economy.

  • Developed maritime safety offers that all vessels, ships, and cargo maintain the best work levels in different conditions without general health or safety warnings.

  • Protect your working crew from injuries, hazards, pollution, accidents, and damages that could impact their health, life qualities, and families as well.

  • Marine safety and security maintain your ships and vessels in the best conditions due to all the implemented tracking, supporting, and navigation standards.

  • Outstanding balance between shipping efficiency and security of your workforce and property construction.


A Little about EU Marine Security Regulations:

As usual, we have an updated European Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS 2023) for this year. However, although we have a yearly update to this classification, we can say that there are some basic, detailed regulations that we should stick to:

  • International Safety Management Code (ISM Code).

  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

  • Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA).

  • Procedure for Port State Control.

  • Cargo Security and Storage Code.

  • International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR).

  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

EUMSS 2023

6 Important Practices to Boost Maritime Safety Programme:

So, as you know now, marine safety management is essential. Thus, consider it in your marine business's or corporate's policy.

Make sure to implement these essential efforts to guarantee the best maritime safety for your crew, ship, and vessel:

  1. Train Your Team:

Train your team with the finest maritime safety training courses to ensure they know the best practices, systems, and survival techniques.

Moreover, they will know what to do when facing an emergency. Thus, with the right and updated naval education, your team will be ready and apply all cited maritime safety practices.


  1. Regularly Check on Your Cargo and Vessel:

Sea shipping could last a few months; thus, your transport plan should include inspecting your cargo and vessels division regularly to ensure that everything is going as it should be without any issues.

Furthermore, this regular check will help you find any possible risk and solve it before it becomes a massive problem or accident.


  1. Organise Cargo Movement and Storage:

Some think that part is done after specialised workers move goods and start sealing in the national water.

On the contrary, organising and planning cargo movement and storage in all stages is essential to guarantee crew safety and that everything on the boat will reach the target location in the best condition.


  1. Report any Security Incident:

Whether in international or national water, you, as a ship captain, must report any security problem.

Whether we are discussing a fight between your crew or pirates attacking, this will keep the international coast guard noted and get you quick help when required.


  1. Keep Your Equipment Updated:

Using the latest maritime security technologies and solutions will boost naval safety.

Moreover, help you to find and solve risks faster and more efficiently without impacting your assets’ infrastructure or success.


  1. Make Sure to Follow Safety Procedures:

Regardless of the marine situation, even if it is a 101 procedure, you do every day; you must follow all the procedures to protect your people, vessel, and ship best.



Like any other safety procedure, Maritime safety should be an essential element in your business strategy. However, giving your crew the proper professional training will keep your established business safe and help you grow and thrive effectively.