Optimizing Waste Management Onboard – Operational and Technical Management Issues

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Length: 4 Days

Type: Online

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  • Aug-12-2024


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Course Outline

4 days course

Overview: MARPOL

  • The Issue:  Pollution from Ships
  • International Response: MARPOL
  • MARPOL and its Annexes

The Marine Litter

  • Definition and Extent of Marine Litter
  • Ships’ Garbage as a source of Marine Litter

The Main Elements of the Revised MARPOL Annex V

  • The IMO’s Response:  MARPOL Annex V
  • MARPOL V - Regulations
  • Verification of Compliance with the provisions of Annex V
  • International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

Guidelines to MARPOL Annex V

  • Introduction: MARPOL Annex V Implementation on Ships
  • Garbage Management
  • Management of Cargo Residues of Solid bulk Cargoes
  • Training, Education, and Information
  • Port Reception Facilities for garbage
  • Enhancement of Compliance with MARPOL Annex V

MARPOL Annex V – National Implementation & Legislation

  • Background
  • Key Factors for Implementing the revised MARPOL Annex V
  • Action Plan to draft national MARPOL Annex V Legislation
  • Guide: Drafting National Legislation on revised MARPOL Annex V
  • Elements of Drafting National Legislation for the Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships
  • Tools to enhance implementation.

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