LNG Shipping, Chartering and Claims

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5 days course

The Difference Between Chartering an LNG carrier and Chartering and Oil Tanker


  • Introduction to carriage of LNG, boil-off and heel
  • LNG Ships
  • Materials and Strength of Ships
  • The principal differences between a short-term charter for an oil tanker vs an LNG carrier
  • The absence of voyage chartering in the LNG market

 International Code for the Construction & Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC CODE )


  • Brief Description of IMO
  • Application of IGC Code
  • Ship Survival Capability
  • Ship Arrangements

Lng Ship Management


  • Ship Management Systems
  • Shore Organisation Structure
  • Operation Department Duty and Responsibility
  • Legal Department
  • Ship Board Management

Lng Liability Regimes 


  • Conditions of Use
  • The variety of liability regimes
  • The International Group of P&I Clubs and the
  • Pooling Limits
  • The premium for market cover
  • HNS Convention rather than CLC Convention, and limits of applicability

Delivery and Quality Obligations:

  • In a ‘typical’ LNG MSPA, when must the LNG ship arrive, when must loading / unloading be completed
  • What are the typical consequences for a delivery failure?
  • What are the subtle differences to look out for when reviewing delivery obligations?
  • Are damages calculated on quantity not taken/ delivered or full cargo lot?
  • The consequences in a ‘typical’ LNG MSPA if an ‘off-spec’ issue is identified
  • The subtle differences to look out for when reviewing delivery obligations (e.g. are damages calculated on the off-spec quantity or full cargo lot
  • ‘indirect’ damages included in the calculation
  • The regime for treatable and untreatable quantities
  • Reject off-spec LNG if you are liable to pay your sub-buyer materially more than you can recover from your supplier

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