Marine Accident Investigation Procedures

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Length: 8 Days

Type: Online

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  • July-29-2024


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  • Sep-16-2024


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Course Outline

8 days course

Introduction to Marine Accident Investigation

  • Purpose and Scope of Investigations
  • Relevance of International Instruments (UNCLOS, SOLAS, LL, MARPOL, MLC 2006)
  • Overview of Marine Casualty Investigation Code (CIC)
  • Comprehending Relevant Obligations and Legal Frameworks

Operational Readiness and Initial Assessment

  • Preparedness for Investigation
  • Developing an Investigation Strategy
  • Utilizing Equipment in Accident Investigation
  • Responding to Incidents in a Timely and Effective Manner

Data Collection and Evidence Management

  • Methods of Data Collection
  • Effective Interview Techniques
  • Handling Media and Public Relations
  • Ensuring Data Integrity and Preservation

Human Element and Risk Management

  • Understanding the Human Element in Maritime Operations
  • Addressing Factors Such as Fatigue
  • Implementing the ISM Code for Safety Management
  • Evaluating and Managing Risks in the Maritime Environment

Reporting and Compliance (GISIS)

  • Reporting and Information Sharing through GISIS
  • Ensuring Compliance with International Standards
  • Overview of MLC 2006 and III Code
  • Familiarization with the Marine Casualty Investigation Code (CIC)

Setting-Up the Scene and Methodology

  • Methodologies for Establishing Incident Scenes
  • Site Examination and Documentation
  • Environmental and Ecological Considerations
  • Preserving Evidence and Data

Categories of Marine Casualties

  • In-Depth Study of Various Categories: Grounding, Collisions, Fires, Stability, Pollution, etc.
  • Case Studies: Analyzing Incidents like Estonia, Samina, Spring Glory, Star Princess
  • Root Cause Analysis and Learning from Past Incidents

Accident Analysis and Reporting

  • Detailed Examination of Accident Data
  • Preparing Comprehensive Investigation Reports
  • Crafting Effective Safety Recommendations
  • Legal and Regulatory Implications
  • Practical Scenarios and Case Studies
  • Practical Application of Investigative Techniques

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