Navigating the Seas of Safety: Vetting Inspection for Chemical Tankers

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Aug-12-2024


  • Sep-23-2024


  • Oct-14-2024


  • Nov-25-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Understanding Tanker Operations and Regulatory Compliance

  • Introduction to Chemical Tanker Operations and their significance.
  • IMO Regulations: SOLAS and MARPOL
  • CDI Inspection Standards
  • Group Discussion: Compliance Challenges


Vetting Process Fundamentals and Specific Inspection Programs

  • In-depth exploration of the vetting process.
  • Role and significance of Port State Control.
  • Understanding the Ship Inspection Report Program (SIRE).
  • Navigating the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) inspections.
  • Practical case studies and discussion.

Preparing for Inspection and Handling VIQs

  • Best practices for comprehensive vessel preparation for inspections.
  • Vessel Readiness for SIRE and CDI.
  • Navigating Vessel Inspection Questionnaires (VIQs).
  • VIQ Interpretation and Response.
  • Hands-On: VIQ Scenario Exercises.

Interaction with Inspectors and Safety Protocols

  • Developing skills for escorting and engaging with inspectors.
  • Effective communication and rapport-building with vetting inspectors.
  • Prioritizing safety measures during inspections.
  • Emergency procedures and crisis management.
  • Ensuring environmental protection in tanker operations.

Escalation of Concerns and Course Recap

  • Understanding the escalation process for addressing concerns and observations during inspections.
  • Developing corrective action plans.
  • Practical guidelines for post-inspection follow-up.

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