Fundamentals of Shipping Business

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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5 days course

Introduction to the Shipping Business

  • Importance of international trade and the role of shipping in this vast trading network.
  • Type of ships and type of cargo they carry. Essential Shipping Knowledge and Shipping Terminology
  • How the different types of cargo are categorized, stored on board the ship and transported over the seas.
  • Key Customers and Players of the Maritime Industry
  • Role of the Maritime Administration in Port Operations

Ports, Ship registry and Insurance in shipping industry 

  • Different types of port and their roles in the shipping industry.
  • Power of Authority for Flag State Control / Port State Control.
  • Dry docking & repairs at shipyards.
  • Ship registries and the importance / need for classification.
  • Marine Insurance, P&I Club
  • Dry docking & repairs at shipyards.

international maritime bodies and conventions

  • Various commercial surveys for ships and cargoes.
  • Key Maritime Organisation (IMO, ILO, IHO and ITF etc)
  • Various Non-Government Shipping Organisation (NGO)
  • Overview of international conventions and regulations related to shipping.
  • Maritime courts and Arbitration centres

Maritime and Commercial Law, the Carriage of Goods by Sea and Liability

  • Fundamentals of law: the legal system
  • Fundamentals of law: Law of Contract
  • Maritime law: origins
  • Aspects of maritime law
  • International institutions and legislation
  • Commercial shipping law
  • International regulations

Maritime safety, security and environment marine protection

  • SOLAS Convention overview and recent updates (E.G. POLAR CODE, III CODE, ETC.)
  • Managerial aspects of safety: the ISM Code
  • Marine environment protection fundamentals - Sustainable Shipping
  • MARPOL Convention overview and updates
  • Managerial aspects of marine pollution control

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